Monday, March 19, 2012

ALBINO: Mouse King Brannherr!

In this illustration we can see king Brannherr sitting on his wooden throne and dressed in his outfit of rose petals. All around him, we can see some of his children and grandchildren also dressed in various flower petals. King Brannherr has a very large family. In the forefront, holding the grass-handkerchief to his nose, and dressed in butterfly wings is prince Velhaco from another mouse kingdom, no relations to king Brannherr.

There will be a glossary in the back of Albino that will break down the names of the characters and also teach children as well as adults various words in different languages. By the end of the book, the reader would have learned at least a few different words by heart :)

King Brannherr:
Brann=Fire(Norwegian); Herr=Lord(German)

Prince Velhaco:

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